Why we need your support

Donations given to Our Hospitals Charity are used to enhance patient care over and above the core services and facilities which are funded by the government.

Public donations are used for a wide-range of purposes but the role of the charity is not to replace NHS funding but to help provide those little extras over and above what the NHS can provide.

We have big ambitions to make a difference to the experience of patients who need to be cared for in the trust’s hospitals and community services. With your help we want to:

  • Keep our hospitals at the forefront of care provision; delivering the best possible care to the region’s population by purchasing state-of-the-art equipment
  • Enhance our staff’s training to keep our teams up-to-date on medical advances
  • Create the best environments for patients and staff

We can only do this with the help of patients, carers, staff and local communities who organise fundraising events and give donations and legacies.

The differences you have already made

Our annual report gives a snapshot of the many individuals and groups who raise money for the charity each year, and it also highlights some of the ways we are using that money to help the trust improve the care of local people.