Nightingale Awards 2017

Nightingale Awards

The 14th annual Nightingale Awards was held at The Riverside Stadium on Friday 5 May 2017.

Here is a full list of all our winners and the reasons they were nominated by patients and colleagues as nursing heroes!

Congratulations to each and every one – and also to the dozens of other nurses and nursing teams who were nominated in tough categories this year!

Nightingale Awards

Clare Elstob (r) with the Healthcare Assistant Award

Clare Elstob – Healthcare Assistant – Healthcare Assistant award

An “asset” to the ward nine medical respiratory team with her caring, empathetic, patient, supportive and compassionate nature, she is the ‘go to’ person for any problems on the ward and knows the importance of getting patients up and out of bed where possible.

Nominator Rebecca Shea, senior specialist physiotherapist for medicine and pulmonary rehab, said: “Clare deserves this award more than any other member of nursing staff I have ever worked with in 10 years at this trust.”

Nightingale Awards

Yasmin Osborne (r) is named Student Nurse of the Year

Yasmin Osborne, Paediatric Student Nurse – Student Nurse Award

Despite being a second year student, nominator Dominique Bendelow, PDU staff nurse, said anybody working with Yasmine would have thought she was a third year management student getting ready to qualify.

Proactive, approachable, professional and friendly, she dealt with the cardiac arrest of a patient and the effects on the patient’s family, as well as numerous safeguarding cases she encountered with a professionalism which belied her years of experience in nursing.

Corporal Natasha Balyckyi – Staff Nurse Award and McCormack Award

Nightingale Awards

Natasha (r) receiving her Staff Nurse Award from Lynne Paterson

Nominated by a patient who had undergone a double mastectomy, Natasha was praised for her warm and caring attitude as well as her calm and collected nature, which also had a calming effect on some of the most “difficult” patients.

Nightingale Awards

Receiving the McCormack Award

When the patient found herself back in hospital weeks later due to a complication of surgery, Natasha saw her name and immediately came to see how she was, providing a reassuring, familiar face.

“She always had a smile and seemed to be a very hard worker,” said the patient. Natasha also went above and beyond by delivering a prescription home for the patient and stopped to chat and make sure she had settled back home okay.

Nightingale Awards

Ruth (r) receiving the Sister Award…

Ruth Hodgson, neurosurgical high dependency sister – Sister Award and Matrons Award

Nominated by a patient who underwent lifesaving brain surgery, Ruth was “absolutely everything” the patient needed at “a surreal moment” in her life. Dedicated to the patient’s recovery, “very professional and very understanding” of the patient’s needs Ruth went above and beyond to help the patient recover.

Nightingale Awards

…And with the Matrons Award

Praising her, the patient nominator said: “Ruth is a huge credit to the staff at James Cook and the nursing profession. Her ability to care and embody everything I needed at such a traumatic time is truly incredible.

By receiving this award, I would hope she could see just how much she has impacted my life and what a difference she made to me. And I am only one of hundreds, no doubt.”

Michelle Jefcott, midwife – Midwife Award

Nightingale Awards

Yvonne Regan, head of Midwifery presenting Michelle (r) with her award

Michelle was nominated for this award by a student midwife who noted the “unquestionable dedication and passion she still has after being a midwife since 1988” and the fact she offers women and their families the “kind of support that as a student, I am in awe of”.

The nominator added the support Michelle provides her colleagues is “also amazing” and described her support of a family who faced an extremely difficult situation, as “outstanding” given the genuine and compassionate care she provided.

This resulted in positive feedback from the family despite the fact they were going through an extremely difficult time.

Jeanette Cramer, Sister in Gastrology – Mentor Award

Nightingale Awards

Jeanette (l) with the Mentor Award

Jeanette is described as a “true gem” having been “crucial” to the smooth running of the gastro ward for many years and as someone who leads by example and supports others “every moment of the day”.

A caring, passionate and dedicated nurse, she goes above and beyond in ensuring patients are treated with the highest levels of respect and dignity, setting a great example to all those who work alongside her.

An “inspirational” nurse and colleague, she is “truly one in a million!” Students look up to her and hold her in high regard.

Kelly Rowe, former paediatric diabetes specialist nurse – Overall Nightingale, Paediatric Award and Senior Nurse Award

Nightingale Awards

Kelly (r) with nominator Alison Murray

Kelly, who has now gone on to be a nursing lecturer at Teesside University, inspiring the next generation of nurses on Teesside, received several nominations reflecting the fact she has been “an extremely valued member of the paediatric diabetes team” for many years.

Kelly has been able to introduce a number of new projects and innovations which have benefited patients, turning the simplest idea to improve patient care into the next big thing!

Nightingale Awards

Kelly (r) with the paediatric award – one of her three awards

As well as treating patients and helping them to manage their condition, Kelly has been heavily involved in raising awareness of the issues young people with diabetes face and has done lots of work around this with local schools in the area.

She was also chair of the Young People’s Forum bringing together a multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals for education and discussion on issues related to children and young people.

Nightingale Awards

Lance Corporal Hayley receiving her military award

Lance Corporal Hayley, Healthcare Assistant of the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corp- Military Award

LCpl Hayley 30193248 was nominated due to her excellent clinical leadership performance within Critical Care over the last eight months.

After coming to work as a military HCA in the Intensive Care Unit at The James Cook University Hospital, she quickly fitted in and delivered a strong and professional performance, receiving a great deal of praise from managers, other staff and relatives with her confident and caring performance, which led to her being appointed military ITU Deputy Manager above clinicians of a more senior rank.

Nightingale Awards

Jackie (centre) with her Lifetime Achievement Award

Jackie Tough – Lifetime Achievement Award

In the year of her retirement, Jackie Tough was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Director of Nursing Gill Hunt and colleague Dr Mike Stewart, Medical Director of the Trust’s Specialist Care Centre.

This is only the second time this prestigious award has been presented and highlights is testament to the remarkable career of an exceptional nurse.

Awards for Nursing Teams

The Cardiac Rhythm Management Specialist Nurses Team –Placement/learning environment Award

Nightingale Awards

The Cardiac Rhythm team

Student nurses nominated this team of specialist nurses as providing the best learning environment due to its welcoming nature and clearly set out guidance and expectations on what students would learn and achieve throughout their placement. Student nurses working with the team were able to observe nurse-led procedures in clinics, observe procedures in cath labs and see the specialist nurses role in discharging patients.

Each member of the team takes time to ensure students have a good understanding of their job role and the procedures and clinics being observed, with a passion and knowledge that was “second to none”.

The Community Matron Team – Community Award

Nightingale Awards

Members of the Community Matron Team

The community matron team for Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland were nominated for their pivotal role in a pilot project aimed at preventing inappropriate admissions to hospital for patients living in a care home and ensuring people are able to live in their own homes with community care for as long as it is safe for them to do so.

This is something the whole team has embraced with passion and enthusiasm on top of their usual workload.

The team has achieved very positive results from the project, ensuring high levels of patient safety and the highest quality of care in the most appropriate environment for patients.

Allerton Ward at The Friarage Hospital – Team Award and The Friends of The Friarage Award

Nightingale Awards

Allerton Ward with their Team of the Year Award

Heartfelt nominations were received for this ward from patients, including one lady who described the palliative care provided to her partner.

Highlighting the patience and understanding with which her partner was cared for during his final days, she said: “In every visit, we were always greeted with a friendly smiling face and nothing appeared to be too much trouble. We joked and laughed with the staff, as was my partner’s way and the care he received was second to none.

“In his last days, he was looked after medically with pain relief and something to calm him and all changes to his medication were explained with patience and understanding.”

She added personal care continued to be carried out with compassion and in a way which helped her partner retain his dignity.

“The team were very good to me too, with the healthcare assistants allowing me to use a shower and providing towels,” she said.

“I even had an offer to launder my clothes.

Nightingale Awards

Allerton with the Friends of The Friarage Award

Another patient said the whole team, including domestic staff, ward hostesses, clerical, HCAs, nurses, ward sisters, junior doctors and consultants, came together to form “something very very special” due to the kind, caring and welcoming atmosphere on the ward.

After visiting the ward on several occasions, the patient says she has experienced exceptional care every time and staff go out of their way to make patients feel comfortable and reassured.

Nominations for Next Year’s Nightingale Awards will open at the end of this year. Click here for more information on how to nominate your Nightingale.

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