Nomination process

If you or someone you know has received excellent care from our hospitals or community services then why not nominate a team or individual for a Nightingale Award?

It is particularly rewarding to have good care acknowledged by our patients and their relatives and carers but staff are also free to nominate their colleagues for these awards.

We accept nominations for individual members of staff and for teams from our hospitals and our community services.

Nominees must be a member of the nursing, health visiting, operating department practitioner or midwifery team and must be employed by South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The awards are affiliated to the Florence Nightingale Foundation and as such look to uphold the essence of nursing which involves not standing still but embracing change and innovation.

In the words of Florence Nightingale:

“Unless we are making progress in our nursing every year, every month, every week, take my word for it we are going back.”

Our nomination process is open continually with judging at the end of  February each year. These nominations are then judged by a team of staff in the organisation including our volunteers services and representation from the local university.

Judging is based on strict criteria and includes several elements comprising leadership, innovation, communication, quality, excellence in providing care, empathy, safety, quality and evidence based practice.

Each nomination is put into its own category so that all of the staff nurses and midwives are judged together, all the sisters and charge nurses are judged together and so on. Each winner from these categories is then put forward into the overall Nightingale Award for the year.

Other awards include:

  • Matron award
  • Midwifery award
  • Military award
  • Educational mentor and practice placement award
  • The Friends of the Friarage award
  • Paediatric award
  • Community award
  • Caring for the carers award
  • Therapeutic community award

Nominations open 1 October 2021.