Football and landscape

Mackenzie Thorpe Middlesbrough

Renowned artist Mackenzie Thorpe paid his hometown hospital – The James Cook University Hospital – a visit to present on loan a set of signed prints of his works ‘The Game of Life’.

Mackenzie, patron of the Friarage Arts, also presented a print of his landmark painting “Out of a Cloud’ which captures the bleak but beautiful landscape of North Yorkshire and now adorns the walls at the Friarage Hospital.

Mackenzie’s work now takes him all over the world, but he was born in Middlesbrough and his first studio was in Richmond. He passionately believes that art, painting and sculpture reaches into people’s hearts and souls.

He said: “I am very proud of my association with the Healing Arts Project and hope this body of work is enjoyed by visitors to the hospital.

“If my work stirs some thoughts and emotions at whatever level then I feel I have done my job.”