Plans for the future

Since the autumn of 2019, the trust has undergone a number of significant changes. We are now empowering our clinicians to take the decisions about how we manage our resources and deliver care across our hospitals and services.

This two-year strategy is the next important step in our journey to ‘Get Back to our Best’ and describes how we will build on the strong foundations that colleagues across the trust have laid through the development and delivery of our clinically-led improvement plan and our response to COVID-19.

The bravery and hard work of NHS staff and the efforts and sacrifices of our communities demand that patient and family services emerge stronger from COVID-19.

Our significant contribution to the COVID-19 research effort is a mark of our determination to remain at the forefront of clinical research as a driver of safe, quality care.

Alongside our commitment to research, our position as one country’s highest ranked medical training organisations, and as a Top 100 Apprenticeship Employer, characterises our commitment to our people and communities.

Through this two-year strategy, we will build on recent successes by defining the scale and pace of our ambition and priorities.

Trust two year strategy (1mb)
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