Operational services

The operational services directorate has two main functions: incorporating operational management across both the James Cook and Friarage Hospital sites, and management of performance and improvement within clinical divisions.

Corporate improvement team

Autoclave room sterile servicesThe corporate improvement team’s primary purpose, within the directorate and indeed throughout the organisation, is to carry out process reviews within departments and services to increase efficiency and production within the trust. This work often involves managing change and adopting or establishing best practice, whilst acknowledging team innovation and achievement through the organisation of the Excellence in Practice Awards. Other areas of work focus on developing leadership skills across the organisation, with key pieces of work being delivered through the Consultants as Leaders programme. The work of the improvement alliance is vital in ensuring the trust, as a whole, is providing an exemplar and effective service to the populations it serves.


The performance team is a dedicated support function, planning and monitoring waiting lists as well as recording and reporting on trust performance, both internally to the trust board as well as nationally through the Strategic Health Authority and Department of Health. Waiting list management is a key function to delivering the organisation’s core business. The team’s work is fundamental in supporting operational managers to plan workloads to achieve lower waiting times for patients and to inform the commissioning process with primary care trusts.

Patient flow management

Patient flow management involves a team of highly trained clinical and non-clinical staff, who coordinate all patients’ bed occupancy from hospital admission to discharge – across both the Tees and North Yorkshire sites. Senior nurses oversee the patients journey through the hospital ensuring appropriate accommodation is available and support their clinical care. The team also provides site management support.

Sterile services

The sterile services department deals with the decontamination of surgical instruments within the trust. This department plays a key role in maintaining theatre efficiency on both sites. Instrumentation is sanitised in line with regulatory requirements and made available to surgeons in theatre in a timely manner – operating a 24-hour a day service seven days a week.