Health records team

The trust has a large health records service based on both main hospital sites managing over one million patient records.

At James Cook, we operate a 24/7  service while at the Friarage Hospital an extended service in operated until 12 midnight Monday to Friday and between 12 noon and 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Key services provided by the department include:

  • Clinic preparation for a number of directorates at James Cook and Friarage
  • Library management to file all case notes that are returned back to central file and to provide case notes for emergency admissions
  • Appointment booking for a number of directorates at James Cook and Friarage
  • Staffing three outpatient reception areas
  • Health records quality and provision of case notes for some elective admissions
  • Women and children’s health records service including appointment booking
  • Respiratory medicine health records service including appointment booking

Key statistics that challenge the service each month are:

  • 44,380 sets of notes are returned back into the department for filing back onto the library shelves on the hospital sites or the case notes are sent over to the secondary storage unit for filing at InBond.  Every set of case notes must be tracked on CaMIS
  • 2,138 sets of notes are requested and transported between James Cook and Friarage
  • 4,040 sets of notes are located and provided for emergency admissions
  • 1,131 sets of notes are located and provided for elective admissions
  • 28,226 sets of notes located and provided for outpatient clinics
  • 9,520 telephone calls are answered each month from patients wanting to enquire, change or cancel their outpatient  appointments
  • 7,679 appointments are booked and managed – these include  a variety of choose and book appointments and manual referrals that still continue to be received from GP practices.
  • 1,643 changes of patient addresses and death notifications are updated on CaMIS
  • 2,800 patients are notified each month that their outpatient appointment is being changed or cancelled by the hospital

The importance of note tracking

Large amounts of patient notes are moved around the organisation between staff each day.  The task to find any set of notes  is totally reliant on all staff who handle case notes being personally responsible for keeping the tracking system updated every time they transfer case notes to other staff or other departments.

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