Service strategy and infrastructure

The service strategy and infrastructure directorate is responsible for:

Capital and built environment

Estates team Friarage Hospital

  • Management of the capital expenditure programme
  • Project management of capital and estates projects
  • Management of the trust’s estate and facilities (directly at the Friarage Hospital, Northallerton, and via the trust’s PFI partners at The James Cook University Hospital)
  • Provision of hotel services eg cleaning, catering, security guards (directly at the Friarage Hospital Northallerton and via the trust’s PFI partners at James Cook)


  • Procurement and distribution of all supplies required to deliver the trust’s services and functions
  • Provision of maintenance, repair and replacement of medical equipment

The directorate is led by Chris Newton, director of finance and IT, supported by deputy directors, Myles McQuade (capital) and Bill Todd (procurement). The directorate’s main offices are in the Murray Building at James Cook, with satellite offices at the Friarage.

Strategy and business development

  • Strategy and business planning
  • Managing the trust’s main healthcare contracts
  • Business development including service developments, competitive tendering and bids