Capital and built environment department

The capital and built environment team provide:

Kitchen staff at James Cook Hospital

  • Capital and project management
  • Property services
  • Operations and maintenance services
  • Hotel services

It is the teams responsibility to ensure that the built environment from which the trust operates from is of the highest standard, compliant and developed in accordance with the trust’s overall strategic needs.

This work is conducted from the following departments:

Capital and project management

Manages the trust’s capital programme, develops briefings for capital schemes to ensure that the requirements of clinical teams are achieved, maintains environmental standards throughout the trust and liaises with Endeavour the trust’s landlord relating to site contractual arrangements, and provides external consultancy to advise other health bodies and trusts on capital planning issues.

Property services

Ensures that all relevant documentation and statistics are recorded and monitored for all properties in the trust portfolio.

Operations and maintenance services

Estates Friarage Hospital

Provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Responsibilities include building, engineering and grounds maintenance, energy management, fire safety and the management of clinical and non-clinical waste.

At James Cook Carillion as part of the PFI concession agreement operated by Endeavour PLC have responsibility for maintenance of building and engineering services.

Hotel services

The James Cook University Hospital

At James Cook the following services are delivered by Carillion PLC under a PFI Concession Agreement by Endeavour SCH Plc:

Laundry James Cook Hospital

  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • Linen and laundry
  • Portering
  • Switchboard and reception
  • Ward housekeepers
  • Car parking and security management

Services provided in house by the trust are residential accommodation travel link.

Friarage Hospital

At the Friarage the following services are provided by the in house team:

Catering services

Provides all meals and beverages at ward level. Meals are also served in the cafe bar for staff and visitors.

Cleaning services

Responsible for all cleaning services for the site. The department operates from 6.30am to 1am hours Monday to Friday and 7.30am hours to 6.30pm hours at weekends and bank holidays.

Portering service

Responsible for the movement and escorting of patients around the site, the purveying of goods and equipment throughout the site, the provision of an environmentally clean site, provision of an efficient oxygen and other clinical related consumables. The service is provided over a 24-hour period.

Residences and accommodations

Residences James Cook Hospital

Both James Cook and the Friarage offer long and short stay accommodations to medical students, university students, junior doctors, middle grade and consultants.

On both sites, there are a mixture of single rooms, flats and houses.

Security and car park management

Responds to all incidents of crime including rapid response and fire situations.

The security team consists of security guards supported by the security manager and the head porter offering 24-hour coverage.