Children's services FAQ

What do I do if my child is unwell and needs medical help?

It’s important you get to the right care, first time, when you need urgent care for treatment. Contact your GP or, if it’s out-of-hours, NHS 111. If it is an emergency and your child needs immediate medical attention or care, call 999.

Do not bring an unwell child to accident and emergency at the Friarage Hospital.

Can I still bring my child to accident and emergency for a minor injury?

Yes. Staff in the accident and emergency department at the Friarage will continue to treat children who have minor injuries, such as burns, cuts and sprains.

How does the short-stay paediatric assessment unit work?

There is growing evidence this these type of units are very effective at treating children and preventing overnight stays in hospital. Children will be referred to the unit by their GP for a specialist paediatric opinion with the intention they will only be admitted if they cannot be cared for at home.

Your child will be assessed by a nurse first and then a doctor, usually a consultant. Your child will stay on the assessment unit for a period of time for observation before being discharged home. Occasionally your child may need to be transferred to a children’s ward at another hospital for overnight care.

If my child needs a routine operation that we are on the waiting list for, where will they have their procedure?

We will continue to carry out planned daycase surgery for children at the Friarage Hospital, which means they can have their operation and go home on the same day. If your child needs a more complex procedure and would have to stay in hospital overnight (or longer) they would have their operation at another hospital, such as The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough.

Why have you made these changes?

The changes have been made on the grounds of safety and the future long-term sustainability of children’s and maternity services.

Can I still have my child’s outpatient appointment at the Friarage Hospital?

Yes. There are no changes to outpatient clinics at the Friarage Hospital and we hope to make our services even better for children so they are seen by one of our consultants even sooner once a GP has referred them.