Homebirth is an option for women who have an uncomplicated pregnancy.

The 2011 birthplace study, which reviewed 62,000 pregnant women, showed that homebirths are as safe as hospital birth for second and subsequent babies in low risk pregnancies. First time mothers may also choose a homebirth but there is a greater risk you may need to be transferred during labour to hospital.

Midwives will identify any complications that may influence the need to change your chosen place of birth. All our community midwives support homebirth and will be happy to discuss this option with you.


  • Comfortable familiar surroundings helping you feel more controlled and relaxed
  • Individual midwife-led care with experienced midwives
  • Increases chance of having a normal birth with less intervention
  • Partner and siblings can see the baby straight away and the family remain together after the birth
  • Decreased risk of infection


  • Limited medical facilities at home, though all midwives receive regular training to deal with emergency situations.
  • If problems arise before or after the birth, you will be transferred to the consultant unit at James Cook in an ambulance with your midwife.