The Marton suite

The Marton suite (midwife-led unit, next to consultant unit at James Cook) provides midwifery-led care to low dependency women.

The ensuite rooms are designed for you to stay in throughout labour, birth and postnatally for up to 24 hours. Partners are welcome to stay.

It may be that women who would like to give birth in a midwife-led unit, who are predominantly low risk but with a slightly more complicated history may use the Marton suite.

This is because it is very close to the consultant unit with more immediate access to medical care if required.


Relaxed environment

  • Individual midwife-led care with experienced midwives
  • Increases chance of having a normal birth with less intervention
  • Waterbirth available
  • Good option if do not want homebirth, but do not need an obstetric unit
  • All services close by in high dependency unit if required


  • Transfer to central delivery suite (just next door) if problems arise either before or after birth, or if epidural requested