Bedside entertainment

To help relieve the boredom of hospital stays, keep in touch with loved-ones and improve your overall experience of the health service, patients at The James Cook University Hospital can choose to have their own personal television and telephone at their bedside.

patient TV James Cook

Each bedside TV has almost 30 channels to choose from with radio, games, internet, films, and a personal phone which patients can use to make outgoing calls to friends and family. Other offers include:

  • Free calls to 01, 02, 03 landline numbers from the bedside unit
  • Free TV on channels 1-5, typically from 8am to midday and on children’s wards from 7am to 7pm

Lots of the services are free and some require payment by either purchasing a paycard with cash from one of our many vending machines around the hospital, or with credit/debit card by following the on screen instructions.

Different bundles and prices are available for the paid for services to suit a patient’s length of stay. Click onto this useful link for Further details about Hospedia services.

Every TV has on-screen instructions to show you how to get started, which only takes a moment. If you get stuck just press the operator button on the bedside phone.

The bedside TV and phone service is provided by Hospedia, and if you would like more information please go to, call 0845 414 1234, or pick up a leaflet from one of our vending machines.

Is wi-fi available on site?

We do not currently have a wi-fi service at James Cook that is openly available to staff and patients. Internet access is available for patients via the bedside entertainment system. We have explored options of introducing wi-fi services but with current financial pressures on NHS budgets have not been able to finance it ahead of clinical priorities but it is something we will continue to look into for the future.