Elective nursing/midwifery placements

For pre and post-registration nursing/midwifery/paramedic students training/employed outside the north-east of england including overseas.

Why come to South Tees Hospitals for your elective nursing placement?

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is committed to ensuring that learning in practice reflects trust objectives in delivering the highest standard of care to our patients. We regard students as part of our future workforce and wish to support them in acquiring the necessary values, attitude, compassion, knowledge and skills needed to be fit for practice and purpose.

We actively recruit newly qualified nurses and midwives and offer a structured preceptorship programme to support your development during your first 12 months of employment.

If you are a pre or post-registration nurse or midwife or paramedic student/employee and interested in undertaking an elective placement at the South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust please see below for further information.


South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust aims to offer elective placements to other university students in addition to our host students from Teesside University, University of York and Open University. We also offer placements to staff from other areas, ambulance trusts, air ambulance and nurses and midwives from overseas.

Consideration needs to be given to the number of students on placement when a request is made. The request needs to be made a minimum of three months in advance to facilitate administrative work and planning of the clinical placement experience.  Prospective elective placement students are required to follow the steps below.

Steps to follow

1. The student/staff should review the hospital services and decide on a placement area of interest – we will do our best to accommodate your first choice.
2. The student/staff should then complete the “Register your interest for an external elective placement” form for a placement and return this via email to: vicky.mccluskey@nhs.net
3. Once the practice learning and development team have confirmed the placement the trust honorary contract or trust access letter will need to be completed by the student/employee and university/employer. An honorary contract or trust access letter is an unpaid contract of employment between an organisation and an individual.
4. Once the completed and signed honorary contract is received the practice learning and development team will email the student/staff final confirmation along with an elective placement pack which will include further information you may need relating to a placement within the trust.
5. If you would like any further information on the process please contact the practice learning and development team on 01642 854062 or email vicky.mccluskey@nhs.net