Hear from our medical staff

Mr Barnabas Green – Consultant in Vascular Surgery

What are the benefits of training at South Tees?

South Tees has an excellent track record in training at all levels, from undergraduate through to consultant level evidenced both through word of mouth and official GMC channels.  The field of experience of the trainers is vast; the case-load mix is wide and varied; and most specialty interests are represented by our consultants.   South Tees also has the added advantage of being close to the sea, the hills and the shops, so there’s a little bit of something for everyone!

What support do you as a consultant now give to foundation doctors?

Personally I’m involved in the Postgraduate team as Quality lead and I’m also a Regional Surgical Advisor for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.  So I am available for advice should anyone want it! Within my role I’m also regularly involved in clinical and educational supervision at foundation and other training levels.  I am very interested in the personal and professional growth of those I get to work with.  As such I’m always available for chat (preferably over coffee!)

How do you manage your work life balance?  What does living and working in Teesside offer?

I want the best for my patients, and I want the best for my family and these are two elements that I strive to balance.  When it comes to family life, Teesside is right up my street! There’s mountain biking, road biking, motorcycling, running and swimming, cafés and fine dining, hill walking and camping, friends and family – sometimes without the kids, but better when done with the kids! Life is definitely full and life is definitely good here on Teesside!

Dr Chelsea-Leigh Carr – Foundation Doctor

Tell me about your training, where have you been?  Which parts have you enjoyed the most? 

I worked as a letting agent before starting the foundation to Medicine degree at Durham University, I won the scholarship for the foundation degree and gained my place on Medicine MBBS. I did my first two years at Durham Uni and then joined the Newcastle cohort in my third year. Most of my training has been on Teesside – James Cook and the Friarage. My favourite parts where the student selected components (SSC), I did three six week placements in Obstetrics and Gynae, paediatric ENT surgery and Infectious diseases, followed by an eight week placement in A&E. For eight weeks I was placed at the Friarage hospital which I really enjoyed. It was like a community, every member of staff learned your name and were eager to teach.

 Can you describe your experience as a trainee here at South Tees?  What are the benefits of training here?

James Cook Hospital is a fantastic site, very friendly and has most specialties all on one site. Training here means I get to experience all of the specialities I like in one hospital, in lovely surroundings with friendly staff. There are so many nice places to visit here – yorkshire moors, Whitby and Durham are all only a short drive away.  As South Tees is affiliated with Newcastle University they are used to dealing with medical students and trainees so there is always somebody to look after you. The consultants and registrars are used to teaching and are fantastic with helping me to complete my portfolio. 

What is living in the North East of England like?  

I am originally from Middlesbrough so I don’t know what it is like to live anywhere else. I love living here as mentioned above there are beautiful areas all around us. I only have to drive to the Friarage hospital to be reminded of the beautiful areas that are only a stones throw away.  The north east is much cheaper than other areas of the UK as well which is always helpful.

How do you manage your work life balance?

I like to make plans for my days off, this means I don’t waste the time I get to myself. I keep busy during my shifts and try to keep on top of all the jobs so I can finish on time. I’ve signed my daughter up for classes such as swimming, again this means I use my time off to spend with my family.

Dr Ric Procter – Consultant, Accident and Emergency

What attracted you to come and work at South Tees?

During my training I rotated around 6 different departments in the North East.  I worked here once also as Registrar. I enjoyed it here very much, the main difference it being a Major Trauma Centre rather than a District General Hospital.  As a trainee I was well supported by senior staff.  Colleagues are really important, the Emergency Department is a cohesive team.  Everyone supported my training and had a real enthusiasm to develop me as an individual, plus they were great fun to work with.  The consultant body are a great group as is the wider team.  The nursing staff are a good bunch, fun and skilled; we all work well together.  The teamwork here is amongst the best I have experienced in the region.

What is living in the North East of England like?

 I was brought up in Perthshire and went to University in Dundee, I then moved to Glasgow with my wife where I did two years of my foundation training.  I then moved to the North East as a result of the changes to the National Application system.  There were only 13 A&E places in Scotland and 13 in the North East.  The North East was the closest to home and for me, but has been the best decision we have made.  It is a real hidden gem of an area.  You are near to the coast, hills and forests, it offers a great quality of life.  I travel to Middlesbrough each day from Newcastle, the travelling doesn’t bother me as I feel it’s worth it to work somewhere that you really enjoy.  The North East has a very friendly feel, it’s a great place to live.

Are you given time and support within your job-plan to develop your career?

I get good support from senior consultants in the department to help me to progress.  You agree to a lead role and help and support is given, this is promoted at appraisal.  I have had two so far and it’s been really good to help me understand how I want to develop and where I want my career to go.

How do you manage your work life balance?

My job plan helps me to manage my own diary and also allows me to take very little work home, so my time off really is my own.  It is intense when you are here but that is balanced by having enough time off for hobbies, I regularly go mountain biking, and of course I have time for my family.  I do quite a lot of out of hours work here which also allows me to avoid travelling in the rush hour.  I have developed some good friends in the nursing and consultant staff here, and regularly socialise with them out of work.

Would you recommend working here to friends and family?

Yes.  For trainees I would say to them that this has been a great place to work, intense, high demand but enjoyable, fun and we work well as a team.  Having been a trainee here and given great teaching and career development, I now try to provide this back to those trainees rotating through us.  We are a fun unit and pride ourselves on delivering great quality training as proven by the recent GMC survey, placing us as one of the top ranked units in the country.

For any informal enquiries regarding medical training or medical jobs please contact Louise Campbell, Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education Manager on 01642 835505 or louisecampbell4@nhs.net