Case study

Samantha O’Brien joined the PROSPECT Programme and was placed in the undergraduate department at The James Cook University Hospital.

How did you get involved with the PROSPECT Programme?Samantha O'Brien

Before the programme I was a qualified beauty therapist. I had my own beauty room in a hairdressers but my strengths were always in admin.

I applied for the apprenticeship programme at the trust but I got a phone call a couple of days after my initial interview offering me a place on the Prospect Programme which has helped put me one step ahead of the competition.

What have you been doing as part of the programme?

A lot of it is admin but I’m getting involved and I’m just getting on with whatever I’m given. I get a lot of opportunities to work independently and I’ve gained loads of experience. I’ve done my first aid training and met loads of amazing people. I’ve worked with all sorts of people, students, junior doctors, doctors etc.

What would you like to do with your new skills?

I really think I fit in here so I would like to stay for a while and work my way up in this department. But I think that with the experience I’ve gained I could work in any department because the scheme gives you such a wide range of training and an insight into other areas.

Would you recommend the programme to a friend?

I would recommend this programme to anyone because you get loads of experience, get placed in the trust and work in this incredible environment. I think I’ve been really lucky with this opportunity. It’s very different to my last job but I’m really enjoying it. Some people are a bit apprehensive about doing voluntary work but it flies by and you get great experience.

What next?

I’ve been accepted onto the trust’s apprenticeship programme and I am just waiting to secure a vacancy at the trust to enable me to start my training.