Delivering surgery on your doorstep

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Patients who need minor surgical procedures will be able to have their surgery at their local hospital – Redcar Primary Care Hospital – in future. Providing treatment in the community is a positive development for patients enabling them to be treated closer to home and making it more comfortable and convenient for them and their families. Up to seven minor surgical lists will be held every week at the Redcar hospital with a view to extending this in the future. Surgeons, Mr Lawrence Ajekigbe and Mr Chelliaya Ramanathan will be performing the first day surgery procedures at the hospital on Tuesday 8 October 2013.

State-of-the-art radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients wins national award

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State-of-the-art radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients at The James Cook University Hospital has won a national award. The technique called stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy – or SABR – uses the latest developments in technology to deliver very high doses of radiation to tumours in the chest with millimetre precision.

Fundraising is walk in the park

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Fundraising was a walk in the park for children from Emmy Jayne’s Nursery School in Northallerton. Forty youngsters of all ages from the nursery’s little stars, Harrys, squirrels, little acorns and oaks put their best feet forward raising £425 for the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner appeal at the Friarage Hospital.

Living with and beyond cancer

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A special survivorship event will help support people affected by, living with and beyond cancer. To be held on Wednesday 16 October 2013 at the holistic cancer care centre at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough from 10am to 2pm the event will bring cancer patients together to meet, share, learn and get more out of life.

Groundbreaking procedure uses remote control

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Spinal surgeons at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough have used remote control technology and a magnetic special rod to lengthen a young patient’s spine. Mr Raman Kalyan and Mr Waleed Hekal, who specialise in paediatric and adult spine disorders, performed the innovative procedure on 11-year-old Sarah Wascoe, who suffers from scoliosis – a severe curvature of the spine – for the first time on 5 September 2013.

Emergency services to tackle mock hospital fire

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The full-scale evacuation of a smoke-filled hospital building is being staged as part of a training exercise for emergency services. Mock emergency exercise smokescreen will be held at the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton on Wednesday 4 September 2013, to test and develop staff emergency training and procedures in a ‘real life, real time’ situation. The exercise will involve a fire in the main building of the hospital. For realism, the exercise will be staged in a vacated ward, away from day-to-day hospital activities. Care of patients at the Friarage Hospital will not be affected.

Emergency fire evacuation exercise at Friarage

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A planned emergency fire evacuation exercise is being held at the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton on Wednesday 4 September 2013. Designed to help nurses and doctors practice an emergency evacuation of a hospital ward, in a controlled and safe environment in a ‘real life, real time’ situation, the exercise will also involve North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and other emergency services. Stewards will advise patients, relatives and visitors of the activities taking place on the day and ensure there is minimal disruption to the normal running of the hospital.

Bank holiday fundraising bonanza to help children’s ward

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A Teesside pub is organising a family fun weekend over the bank holiday to raise funds for the children’s ward at The James Cook University Hospital. The Coulby Farm Pub has pulled out all the stops to ensure there is something for everyone and attractions include a Robbie Williams tribute night on Friday 23 August, a beach party on Saturday 24 August and a fun day on Sunday 25 August.