Shoulder fracture trial could secure considerable savings for NHS

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A five-year study led by a Middlesbrough surgeon to determine the best treatment for a broken shoulder – surgery versus no surgery – could lead to significant financial savings. Together with researchers from Teesside University and the University of York, Professor Amar Rangan, clinical professor in trauma and orthopaedic surgery at The James Cook University Hospital, secured over £1.25m funding to lead the largest randomised clinical trial to-date on shoulder fractures.

Hospital recruits 100th patient for heart trial

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Beatrice Tate has become the hundredth patient to sign up to take part in a leading-edge heart valve trial at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough. Funded by the National Institute of Healthcare Research, the MAVRIC trial is a £250,000 research project comparing keyhole surgery to conventional surgery for patients requiring aortic valve replacements – the second most common type of heart operation.

Sharing best practice

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The radiotherapy team at South Tees have been sharing best practice with clinicians working at Karolinska Institute, the internationally-renowned oncology centre in Stockholm Sweden. Like South Tees, the institute has Linac accelerators made by Elekta and the purpose of the two-day visit was for the Swedish team to pick up useful tips and swap ideas with their Teesside counterparts.

Maureen urges others to support clinical trials

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When Maureen Bates was offered the chance to take part in a clinical trial before undergoing a major operation she didn’t think twice and she is now urging others to do the same. Maureen of Skelton was the first patient to complete a pre-op fitness programme as part of a study exploring the potential benefits of high intensity exercise prior to surgery.

Funding into blood clot risk reduction research

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CLINICAL experts at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough have been granted £120,000 to carry out research work into reducing the risk of blood clots following orthopaedic surgery for hip fracture repair or total hip or knee replacements.

Prof Amar Rangan, a consultant in orthopaedics at the hospital, has been awarded the funding from Academic Health Science Network – North East and North Cumbria, to carry out a new research study.