Maureen urges others to support clinical trials

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When Maureen Bates was offered the chance to take part in a clinical trial before undergoing a major operation she didn’t think twice and she is now urging others to do the same. Maureen of Skelton was the first patient to complete a pre-op fitness programme as part of a study exploring the potential benefits of high intensity exercise prior to surgery.

Funding into blood clot risk reduction research

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CLINICAL experts at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough have been granted £120,000 to carry out research work into reducing the risk of blood clots following orthopaedic surgery for hip fracture repair or total hip or knee replacements.

Prof Amar Rangan, a consultant in orthopaedics at the hospital, has been awarded the funding from Academic Health Science Network – North East and North Cumbria, to carry out a new research study.

Therapy pioneer gives new Teesside service his seal of approval

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A pioneer of complementary therapy in the NHS is visiting Middlesbrough to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a unique centre. For 20 years Keith Hunt has run a massage therapy service at the Royal Free Hospital in London. Starting initially with cancer patients, the service now provides 21,000 bedside massages a year throughout the hospital – giving a welcome treat to patients aged from five to 101. Keith, who earlier this year received an MBE for his services to complementary therapy, will visit the holistic cancer care centre at The James Cook University Hospital on Wednesday 11 December to demonstrate the massage technique that will soon be on offer to patients in Middlesbrough.

Heart unit leads the way with £250k research project

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Heart surgeons at The James Cook University Hospital have been awarded £250,000 to undertake a leading-edge research project. The exciting project will see the cardiothoracic team at the Middlesbrough hospital comparing keyhole surgery to conventional surgery for patients requiring aortic valve replacements – the second most common type of heart operation.

A sweet idea to promote clinical research

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The James Cook University Hospital is inviting staff and visitors to take part in a tasty chocolate-based research project to celebrate International Clinical Trials Day (Monday 20 May 2013). The Drop Trial is a mock trial comparing the effects of chocolate drops and carob (a popular chocolate substitute) on a person’s mood.

Clinical scientists enhance lifesaving research

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Experts at The James Cook University Hospital have assisted a military research programme by developing a unique tool that could help save the lives of those suffering from severe blood loss. Clinical scientists within the Middlesbrough hospital’s medical physics team came up with a way to attach a lower body suction machine to a standard physiotherapy tilt table to enable a collaboration with research teams at Durham University to safely simulate shock on a battlefield so they can monitor the body’s reaction to blood loss.