Flower arranging night supports diabetes patients at Friarage

Posted on in Fundraising, The Friarage

A spot of flower arranging has helped to pay towards specialist monitoring equipment for patients with type 1 diabetes.


Northallerton and District Flower Club – together with the staff from the town’s branch of Barclays Bank – raised £1,000 for Friends of the Friarage by holding an open night flower demonstration.

Both the Club and Barclays, who made the presentation as part of their match-funding programme, wanted to support the Friarage Hospital’s Diabetes Centre.

Specialist nurse in diabetes Clare MacArthur said: “We’re extremely grateful for this fantastic donation which will be put towards some continuous glucose sensor equipment for people with type 1 diabetes.

“Essentially this is an inbuilt sensor, fixed in the skin, which enables the user to look at a small screen for their blood glucose monitoring rather than having to prick their finger every single time.

“By having these continuous monitoring devices, we can diagnose diabetes-related issues and help to prevent them from re-occurring. For example we can look at glucose patterns throughout the night and spot hypos that the person may not be aware of, so is a very useful as a diagnostic tool.”