Free from Pain’s distraction gift

Posted on in Fundraising

Dedicated members of local registered charity, Free from Pain, have donated funds to enable the women and children’s division at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough to buy 3D distraction equipment for use on the children’s wards.

Free-from-Pain-3DThe equipment is already proving very popular with the young patients as there are a variety of short 3D programmes available to suit a wide range of tastes. There are exciting rollercoaster rides and cartoons to calm underwater fish scenes and winter wonderlands, all in 3D.

Staff have noticed how the children appear more relaxed and less conscious of their discomforts when they are enthralled by the programmes on the 3D distraction equipment.

Staff from the women and children’s division thanked the Free from Pain group, saying it is in constant use and well appreciated by all who use it.

Free from Pain chairman Ron Gordon, whose daughter-in-law Shelly Gordon raised £1,200 of the £7,000 total by completing a gruelling 113-mile run in 24 hours, said a massive thank you to everyone who helped raise the funds, including Tesco and Strikes.