Kind-hearted teen helps others who need a wheelchair

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Elizabeth, left, with sister Anabella

Elizabeth, left, with sister Anabella

When teenager Elizabeth Mewett collected a wheelchair from The Friarage Hospital in Northallerton, she vowed to raise money to help other patients who could benefit from the service.

And determined Elizabeth Mewett, 13, has not let having the fatigue-inducing condition Idiopathic Hypersomnia stand in her way.

The condition, which results in excessive day time sleepiness, means Elizabeth, of Holme-on-Swale, relies on her wheelchair when she becomes extremely tired, to the point where she could be at risk of collapsing.

But as well as coping with the everyday effects of the condition, which already make her life that bit more challenging than the average teenager’s, Elizabeth has set precious time aside to raise funds to help others too.

Elizabeth, a pupil at Thirsk School and Sixth Form College, said: “I just really want to give something back to the hospital for all the help they have given me and for my wheelchair.

“Without the wheelchair, it would be difficult for me to go out and that will be the same for many other people who require wheelchairs for various different conditions.”

As soon as Elizabeth decided she was going to raise money, she immediately started calling local businesses looking for raffle and tombola prizes in her school lunch hour.

The raffle prizes range from bottles of wine to golf lessons, meals out and experience days.

Elizabeth, right, with sister Anabella and her tombola stall at The Friarage

Elizabeth, right, with sister Anabella and her tombola stall at The Friarage

Elizabeth’s mum, Jolene, 42, said: “Elizabeth has always been a very kind and caring girl. She first started coming to hospital at the age of four and was the one who would entertain the babies on the children’s ward to give the mums a break!

“When she left hospital with the wheelchair, she decided she wanted to raise money to buy some more wheelchairs and just ran with the idea, sourcing raffle prizes in her lunch hour at school.

”It’s a great cause as we know from our own experience that if you don’t have a wheelchair, you can’t go out. It’s that simple.”

Big sister Anabella, 18, added: “I’m very proud of her. I think it’s amazing that she has even attempted to do this – and she’s succeeding with it!”

Elizabeth and family will be at Northallerton market from 8am on Saturday November 26 selling raffle tickets and are also hoping to return to The Friarage next week to sell more tickets.