Vote for Trinity Holistic Centre in Goalden Giveaway

Posted on in Fundraising

Trinity Holistic Centre staff

The Trinity Holistic Centre has been selected as one of 10 charities to benefit from a £10,000 Goalden Giveaway – but they need your vote!

The more online votes the centre gets the bigger the share of the £10,000 pot it will receive from Teesside Philanthropic Foundation’s annual charity giveaway.
To vote visit before Friday 5 December 2014.

Please note votes are strictly restricted to one per person! (one per IP address so if you work at the trust you need to vote from your home PC/laptop or smart phone).

The organisation receiving the most votes will receive £2,500. After that, in descending order of most votes to least, organisations will receive £1,500 for second place, those finishing third to fifth will get £1,000, sixth and seventh will receive £750 and the remaining three organisations will receive £500 each.

Trinity Holistic Centre business manager Heather McLean said: “We are urging staff, patients and visitors to help us get as many votes as possible.

“Funds raised through the Goalden Giveaway will help us expand our inpatient bedside service and counselling service. £5 provides care to one patient needing an inpatient stay as part of their care and £35 will provide an hours counselling session.”