Free ‘healthy start’ vitamins for mums and babies

Posted on in Health improvement

Families in Middlesbrough continue to gain free access to vital ‘healthy start’ vitamin supplements over the lockdown period.

The initiative by Middlesbrough Council’s Public Health Team is the first in the region to support the virtual distribution of essential healthy start vitamins for pregnant women, new mums and young children.

Not only does the scheme support much-needed access to vitamins that promote healthy growth and development, they also help counteract some of the potential problems that limited sunlight exposure and access to healthy foods may be having on families as a result of lockdown.

Rebecca Scott, Middlesbrough Council’s, Public Health Best Start in Life Lead, said: “We are passionate about giving our children and families in Middlesbrough the best start in life and one of the ways we can do this in the current situation is to provide access to free vitamins to support a healthy diet. Healthy Start vitamins also include vitamin D which Public Health England have recommended during lockdown due to more people spending time indoors having less exposure to sunlight.”

The scheme is open to pregnant women; new mums with a child under 12 months old; breastfed babies from birth; and babies and children from six months to five years who are not having more than 500ml (about 2x 8fl oz) of formula milk each day.