Great response to occupational therapy survey

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Occupational therapy surveyThe occupational therapy (OT) team based at East Cleveland Primary Care Hospital has had a great response to a patient reported outcome measures (PROM) questionnaire they piloted in three areas of their service.

The team distributed the simple single-sided paper questionnaire to community neuro-rehabilitation, OT skills for living and the stroke rehabilitation unit at Guisborough Primary Care Hospital.

Of the 52 questionnaires returned (a return rate of 71%), 76.9% were completed by the patient, with the other 23.1% being completed by family, carers or friends. The comments section of the questionnaire was very rarely left blank, suggesting that the returns received are largely a true reflection of patients’ experiences.

Other highlights showed 86.5% of patients said that their quality of life has improved and they feel better about themselves through accessing the OT services provided. In the context of their social environment, 80.8% of patients said that these services had also made life easier for their family and carers.

The PROM was devised by clinical leader  Karen Crabtree with help from service administrator Marie Thompson , above left, and occupational therapist Sarah Heathcote, right.