H_ve y_u n_ticed s_mething missing _t S_uth Tees?

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H_ve y_u n_ticed we’re missing s_mething _n _ur we_site _nd s_ci_l medi_?

D_n't let  _ur _l__d __nk run l_w! #MissingType

D_n’t let _ur _l__d __nk run l_w! #MissingType

To the eagle-eyed amongst you who have called to tell us there are letters missing on our South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust logo, or in our @SouthTees Twitter bio, then thank you very much!

However, we’d like to reassure you it’s all quite deliberate!

The trust is supporting the Missing Type campaign from NHS Blood and Transplant, which Tweeters may have seen trending as #MissingType.

Gr_up _ _l__d

Gr_up _ _l__d

The idea is to encourage organisations to omit the letters A, B and O in their logos – which also represent different blood types that hospitals like ours desperately need to treat our patients.

In some cases, donor blood saves lives and along with our colleagues from NHS Blood and Transplant we’re really counting on members of the public to donate blood so we can carry out our lifesaving work.

Major organisations like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Coca Cola have supported the campaign, as well as many hospital trusts like ours and local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

Premier League football clubs and other sporting teams are also on board.

Even the Downing Street sign in London famously omitted the Os in its City of Westminster street sign!

So please rest assured, there’s not a gremlin in our website works here at South Tees! We’re just supporting a campaign to encourage more people to give blood.

Get more information here on the campaign and how to Give Blood.