New fast-track cancer service

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World-renowned artist Mackenzie Thorpe will officially open an innovative new cancer service at The James Cook University Hospital on Friday 26 October.

The acute oncology service is being launched at the Middlesbrough hospital to ensure all cancer patients get an expert opinion without delay – even if they have not been admitted to a cancer ward.

The new fast-track service aims to give each patient a better hospital experience and reduce the length of time they spend on a ward.

Operating from a new bay next to ward 14, the new service will admit patients who have complications directly relating to their cancer treatment and will be manned by acute oncology service co-ordinator Terri Jasper and specialist nurse Jane Moses.

The service will also support other divisions by helping to care for patients who have been admitted to a ward that might not traditionally be associated with cancer such as when a patient is admitted through accident and emergency.

This will ensure patients have quick access to cancer experts which will help speed up recovery times and reduce the length of time patients have to spend in hospital.

“It’s about getting that rapid response,” said nurse consultant Nicky Hand.

“It’s a radical new way of trying to manage cancer patients because we know that these patients do not want to be in hospital any longer than they have to be.”