One Born: Plus Size Mums

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The One Born Every Minute team from Dragonfly film and television have been filming at The James Cook University Hospital’s maternity unit to produce a special programme which will be broadcast on 20 September at 10pm on Channel 4.

Maternity services in Britain are facing a growing problem. Almost one in five pregnant women in the UK is obese.

Obesity during pregnancy puts both mother and baby at greater risk of almost every medical complication in the book. Plus Size Mums puts these complications into context by following three severely obese pregnant mothers as they, and the professionals who care for them, do all they can to bring their children safely into the world. But not all runs smoothly.

The film follows Lucy and husband, Barry, who have been trying for 7 years to have children. After losing twenty stone, Lucy fell pregnant with her first child only to see her weight rise again putting her at high risk.

Jenna is pregnant with her second child. When she met her husband, David, she was a size 10 but, thanks to a comfortable lifestyle and 2 pregnancies, her weight has increased to 21 stone. After an extra scan for obese women a potentially-life threatening condition is discovered and Jenna and David have to face the consequences.

Anne and Graham cannot wait to welcome their son into the world. Until they attended their first ante-natal appointment they had no idea how much their baby was at risk due to Anne’s weight, which is nearly 19 stone. Since then, the couple have been on a mission to cut down on fast food in the hope that their son will have a safe delivery. But will they succeed?

Exec producer: Sarah Swingler

Producer/director: Emily Clerc

Production company: Dragonfly film & television