Prestigious award for hard working Friarage endoscopy team

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JAG award FHN endoscopy Feb 2016

Endoscopy unit nurse, Jane Bradshaw, (third left) with staff from the unit at the Friarage

The Friarage Hospital’s endoscopy unit has recently been awarded JAG accreditation – a national award to endoscopy departments able to demonstrate a safe, patient centred and efficient service.

The accreditation recognises the endoscopy unit at the Northallerton hospital as a service that maintains and excels beyond national health standards. The patient-centred and workforce focused scheme is based on the principle of independent assessment against recognised standards.

The Joint Advisory Group on Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (JAG) was established in 1994 under the auspices of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.

JAG’s mission is to provide UK wide support for endoscopy services to ensure they have the skills, resources and motivation necessary to provide the highest quality, timely, patient-centred care.

JAG accreditation is the professional, gold standard peer assessment that an endoscopy service has demonstrated excellent compliance with the required framework.  It helps endoscopy units to:

•        Stimulate continuous improvement in processes and patient outcomes
•        Strengthen endoscopy services
•        Provide a knowledge base of best practices
•        Increase patient confidence in services
•        Improve the management and efficiency of services
•        Provide education on better/best practices
•        Provide comparison with self and others
•        Enhance the workforce, retention and satisfaction
•        Increase chances to add to and grow services

John Greenaway, consultant gastroenterologist, said:  “The Friarage endoscopy team all worked exceptionally hard to achieve this accreditation. Unit nurse manager Jane Bradshaw in particular, put in a huge amount of work to ensure the evidence presented to the (JAG) endoscopy assessment team adequately represented the high quality of their service and standard of care for patients.

“The assessment day was the culmination of months of hard work and the experienced assessors were lavish with their praise for the general feel of the unit in addition to the quality of the evidence.

“Only a small proportion of units are granted an immediate pass without further actions and is was incredibly pleasing for the unit to be told that accreditation had been secured on the day of the assessment visit.

“The assessment team made suggestions to help maximise capacity and recognised some of our equipment was nearing the end of its useful life. The trust is actively supporting the team in addressing these issues to improve the quality of the service still further.”

Congratulations go to all the staff on their continuous hard work and dedication to their roles and patients.

JAG accredited units have high quality outcomes, ensure that privacy and dignity is maintained and promote innovation and continuous improvement. Patients attending at JAG accredited units can be confident they are being treated in a service operating at the highest standard.