Remote door control saves a nurse a week a year!

Posted on in Hospitals

Installing a remote answering system on the Victoria ward at Richmond’s Friary Community Hospital is expected to save 39 hours of staff time over a year – or one working week of a full time member of staff.

With the main door to the hospital closed during evenings and weekends, ward staff had to go downstairs to answer the front door for visitors.

The team timed how long it took to answer the doorbell from each room on the ward, and an average taken from each journey. This was then multiplied by the average of trips made on a weekly basis. The calculations showed that staff spent a total of 194 minutes 40 seconds per month, equal to 2336 minutes/39 hours every year.

Charitable funds have been used to fit a remote answering system, freeing up almost one hour a week of staff time to do more productive work on the ward.