Super troupers!

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Dance principal Vicki Ahmed runs the Fuzion Studio of Performing Arts in Middlesbrough and each year the group of talented young dancers showcase their skill in a ‘Dance Sensation’.

Fuzion 1For the past five years, since Vicki was treated for a brain tumour, the proceeds from one of the two performances at Middlesbrough Theatre have been generously donated to the neuroscience research fund based at The James Cook University Hospital.

This time the group donated £2,020, which boosts Fuzion’s overall contribution to a fantastic £12,439 since fundraising began. The show exhibited the talent of over 200 children, 15 ‘yummy mummies’ and five brave ‘dancing dads’. They were watched and judged by former Fuzion member, and now pop star, Amelia Lily.

Mr Simon Tizzard, consultant in neurosurgery at The James Cook Universtity Hospital in Middlesbrough, said: “The continued support from Vicki and all the members of Fuzion and the incredible fund-raising that they achieve every year is so gratefully welcomed by the department of neurosurgery.

“This year we have purchased more vital pieces of equipment, specifically for use in brain tumour surgery, with significant help from the money raised by Fuzion. I was lucky enough to bring my whole family to the show this year and we all had a wonderful evening. As usual, the standard of performance was very high and the imagination and dedication behind all the routines was clear to see. Thank you again Vicki and Fuzion!”