Temporary changes to urgent care hours at East Cleveland Hospital

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Temporary changes have been made to the opening times of the urgent care centre at East Cleveland Primary Care Hospital.

Treatment-in-urgent-care-centreDue to staffing pressures, the centre is now open between 9am and 5pm – Monday to Friday – and 8am to 8pm on weekends/bank holidays, instead of the usual round-the-clock service.

Patients with any minor injuries or minor illness are being asked to use alternative local services including the urgent care centre in Redcar, local GP walk-in centres or the out-of-hours-service or accident and emergency at The James Cook University Hospital.

However arrangements are in place to re-direct people who may arrive at the unit unaware of the changes.

Urgent care lead Nicola Easton said: “We’ve had staffing pressures for some time. People may recall we had to reduce the opening hours of Guisborough urgent care centre in June this year and we did flag up at the time potential problems in East Cleveland if we couldn’t recruit additional urgent care trained staff.

“We have been using temporary staffing from NHS Professionals to cover vacant posts at East Cleveland but that resource is now being used to cover a recent vacant urgent care post at Guisborough.

“This means we have to offer the reduced service at East Cleveland in the interests of patient safety and to release pressure on the team. If we don’t do this we would have to further reduce the opening hours of Guisborough urgent care centre.”

In October, there were 56 attendances to the East Cleveland urgent care centre outside of the revised opening times (an average of less than two people a day). General information informing people of the new opening times is displayed in the hospital. Other advice for patients includes:

• Using the urgent care centre at Redcar Primary Care Hospital on West Dyke Road, Redcar, TS10 4NW

• If you need to see a GP in the evening (after 6.30pm), at the weekend or on a bank holiday phone the out-of-hours service on 0300 123 1851 or text phone for people with hearing loss 0300 123 1932. This service is provided by Northern Doctors Urgent Care (NDUC).

• The out-of-hours service cannot see patients on a walk-in basis. Please phone 0300 123 1851 for advice first.

• If someone has an illness or injury which is serious do not stop to think about how to get the patient to hospital. Phone 999 straight away

General information about the temporary changes is also available on Facebook and Twitter.