Harmonica player David delights with tunes and a cheque!

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A harmonica player delighted patients, staff and visitors at The Friarage Hospital with tunes and a cheque for £1,000 – raised through concerts and CD sales.

Talented David Hewison-Sandyford, 65, of Bedale, brought his unusual harmonica collection to the Northallerton Hospital hub and entertained people enjoying a coffee; as well as stopping passers by in their tracks with his musical skills.

It is the second time David has raised £1,000 for the hospital, but the first time the money has gone to the MRI Scanner appeal as wife Jennifer Hewison-Sandyford explained.

“He raises money through his harmonica playing, even making some CDs,” she said.

“He had already raised £1,000 about a year ago for the orthopaedic department after having two hip operations and he has carried on for the MRI Scanner appeal.”

Both have also supported the #MyReasonIs campaign by being pictured with their reason for supporting the appeal for @STeesCharity and an online pledge wall of supporters.

David said: “I carried on because of what the hospital did for me. I could hardly walk before I had my hip operations and once I’d recovered, I wanted to give something back.

harmonica fundraising

David with wife Jennifer and their reason for supporting the scanner appeal

“I toured care homes and that sort of thing asking for donations and made some CDs.”

David is now hoping to make another CD with some professional recording support, in the hope of raising even more funds for The Friarage Hospital.

Jennifer said: “They love him around the homes in Bedale. We both enjoy the harmonica. It looks easy to play, but it isn’t. I’m really proud of what he’s done.”

Dr Upendra Somasundram, chairman of the Friends of The Friarage praised the amount David has raised for the hospital.

He said: “It’s wonderful that he cares enough to continue to fundraise for us and we appreciate that very much. I really enjoy his music.

“He played for us at a fundraising event last June at The Golden Lion during the drinks reception and it was very well received by all the guests.

harmonica fundraising

David presents his cheque to Dr Upendra Somasundram

Work has commenced on the building to house the MRI scanner at the Friarage and a brand new machine has been ordered. Fundraising will continue until the equipment is installed.”

For more details on the MRI Scanner appeal, visit

More details on how to take part in #MyReasonIs campaign on Twitter @STeescharity, by donating and sharing your reason for supporting the MRI Scanner appeal can be found at