Small change, big impact!

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An innovative device is making it easier for children with cystic fibrosis to hold their nebuliser.

Indie Breckon using the Nebigrip device

Indie Breckon using the nebigrip nebuliser mount

Nebulisers change liquid medication into a mist so they can be breathed into the lungs and are used by people with cystic fibrosis to help them control their symptoms.

The nebigrip, combined with the adaptation of a traditional nebuliser, is making it easier for children with the chronic condition to receive their medication.

The nebuliser mount is now in regular use thanks to the medical physics department and the cystic fibrosis team at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust who teamed up with medical product specialist, Niche Medical Ltd, to turn their idea into reality.

One of the first children to benefit from the device was Indie Breckon of Boosbeck. Her mum Sally Wilson said: “The nebigrip has been a fantastic help with the daily use of Indie’s eFlow® nebuliser.

“Indie needs her nebuliser up to five times a day, every day. As you can imagine it can get quite tiring being so young having to hold your nebuliser straight for periods of time.

“The nebigrip has taken away the “hand ache” and replaced a quite stressful time into a much faster, relaxed time. Overall the nebigrip gets a five star rating from us!”

The initial idea came from an experienced paediatric physiotherapist in the cystic fibrosis team at The James Cook University Hospital who thought that a handle attachment might make it easier to hold the nebuliser in the correct position, particularly for younger patients, and that the nebuliser would then work more efficiently, resulting in quicker nebulisation time.

The hospital’s medical physics department stepped up to the challenge and developed a handle that clips on to the nebuliser handset without changing how it works. This was then tested with patients and generated really positive feedback.

Working with Niche Medical Ltd, the team were able to turn the innovation into production, specially developing the device to enable easier self-administration of medication for young children, with minimal adult supervision.

The device has been designed to be lightweight and ergonomic so it can be easily held in one hand, leaving the other free for activities, ensuring the child is distracted during the therapy.

The nebigrip nebuliser mount is built to work perfectly with the PARI eFlow® nebuliser and can be attached and removed with ease. More information can be found at