Drive to improve dementia care

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South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is launching a five-year drive to improve hospital care for patients with dementia.Dementia team South Tees

With more than 32,500 people in the North East living with dementia, and this number expected to double in the next 30 years, the trust – which runs The James Cook University Hospital, Friarage Hospital and services in six community hospitals – is aiming to make all of its sites dementia friendly.

A number of measures are already in place to improve care for dementia patients such as introducing dementia friendly crockery, signage and clocks, using interactive screens to help trigger memories and having details such as likes and dislikes to hand at each patient’s bedside.

But the new five-year campaign sets out a number of extra goals including:

  • Actively seeking feedback from patients with dementia and their carers
  • Creating dementia friendly environments across all sites
  • Specialist staff training
  • A focus on compassionate and individualised care

Dementia project manager Beth Swanson said: “As many as one in four people accessing acute hospital services have some form of dementia so it’s vital all our staff are dementia aware, whatever their job role.

“We want people to see the person not the condition and have the confidence to stop and help anyone who needs assistance.

“Coming into hospital can be very confusing but simple things such as having clear signage can really help which is why we are encouraging all wards and departments to complete our dementia awareness training.”

Staff, patients, carers and public members are invited to the official launch of the trust’s dementia strategy on Tuesday 12 November 2013 in the Ian Haslock lecture theatre, academic centre, The James Cook University Hospital from 10am to 12pm.

The event features an emotive video looking at dementia through the eyes of a patient as well as some basic dementia awareness training.

For more details contact the dementia team on 01642 835947.