Healthy walks in the Olympic shadow

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After the phenomenal success of the 2012 London Olympics let’s try to keep the momentum going and get our proud nation fitter and healthier by continuing with or taking up some kind of physical activity.

Of course, not all of us can sprint, swim fast or jump high any more. However, most of us are capable of doing the simplest and one of the most beneficial physical activities of all – walking. The Walking for Health nationwide strategy, aimed to encourage people of all ages and abilities to become physically active in their local communities, is available and free of charge for anyone to join in.

Healthy Stepping is the local Walking for Health scheme for Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland. All our walks are led by trained walk leaders, most of whom are volunteers. Our walks vary from 30 minutes to over two hours depending on your choice but most are on safe, easy terrain and are not strenuous.

Don Burluraux, health walk co-ordinator, said “We encourage people to join us not just for the physical exercise, but also the mental and social benefits that walking in the outdoors brings to people. You just need to look back at the Olympics to witness many thousands of happy faces and so many people meeting new friends.

“We get the same reactions with our walking groups; people join in and are soon telling us what a massive difference it has made to their general quality of life.

“While the wonderful pleasures the Olympics gave to most of us are still fresh in our minds let’s make it a priority to go out walking regularly in the fresh air, enjoying our countryside, meeting new friends and staying healthy.”