James Cook named as a centre of excellence for Paget’s disease

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The James Cook University Hospital has been recognised as a centre of excellence for the treatment and research of Paget’s disease of the bone.Pagets 1

The Paget’s Association, the dedicated UK charity for Paget’s disease, formally awarded the centre of excellence status to James Cook at an official unveiling in the Middlesbrough hospital’s rheumatology department.

Paget’s disease is a common bone disorder that is caused by a problem with the process of bone regeneration, which results in the bone being replaced at a faster rate than usual. This leads to weak bones, deafness, pain and severe deformity.

Paget’s is the second most common bone related disease in the UK and most often occurs in people of British descent.  It’s estimated that 3% of white adults over the age of 50 have the condition in the UK.

Professor Roger Francis, chairman of the Paget’s association said: “James Cook has been awarded centre of excellence status in recognition of the comprehensive range of services developed for the management and support of patients with Paget’s disease of bone, together with plans for research into the treatment of the condition.

“The rheumatology department at James Cook is currently caring for more than 100 local patients and provides a full range of treatment for Paget’s disease which includes specialist medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, day-case facilities and inpatient beds should this be necessary.

Dr Stephen Tuck, director of the James Cook’s centre of excellence, said: “I am very honoured that the department of rheumatology has been given a clinical excellence award from the Paget’s Association. Patients being referred to James Cook should be reassured that they will be receiving the best quality of care in the country.”