LRI institute is launched

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A new institute for learning, research and innovation will be showcased at The James Cook University Hospital on Wednesday (21 October).

The institute brings together a full range of research, teaching, development, training and innovation facilities into one ‘hub’ with the ambition to grow and become a regional, national and international leader in its field.

Among the guests on ‘launch day’ will be patient Shannon Barstow, who recently volunteered to take part in a clinical trial comparing two different types of treatment for hip impingement (an abnormal shape of the hip) – keyhole surgery or exercise therapy.

Shannon, who is studying a BA in dance at Teesside University, said: “It’s great we have facilities such as this on our doorstep and I was delighted to be asked to get involved in the launch.

“My mam has hip dysplasia and throughout college I had a pain in my leg but thought it was muscular, particularly given I had taken up dance. Some MRI scans were done and when it was established I had a hip problem, I was asked if I would be part of this clinical trial.”

The 20-year-old, who lives in Ormesby, was selected for surgery which she had as a daycase procedure in May.

She added: “When the doctor told me I needed to have an operation I was concerned about how it would impact on my studies. I currently observe classes which I’ll continue to do until January

“The surgery itself was fine – I was in and out of hospital in a day and it doesn’t hurt when I walk now. The trial was clearly explained to me and I didn’t mind taking part at all as I thought it could help people who find themselves in my situation in the future.”

Around 260 guests are expected to attend the launch with key note speakers including Professor Ian Greer, vice president and dean of the faculty of medical and human sciences at the University of Manchester and Richard Kirk, chief executive of PolyPhotonix, Teesside.

There will also be the opportunity to visit all the LRI departments, meet the staff and see first-hand how they work.

Dr Susy Cook, director of learning, research and innovation, said: “The teams worked really hard to be granted institute status. Our ethos is integration of research, learning and innovation into practice through collaboration. This will be achieved through working in partnership with other agencies involved in the research of, training for and delivery of care we can build on the excellent work which already takes place and also plan and prepare for the future NHS workforce.

“In turn we’ll create an environment of shared responsibility and accountability and space for innovation to occur. It’s really exciting times for the trust.”

Departments include undergraduate and postgraduate training, research and development, vocational training, resuscitation teams, library services, conferences and courses, corporate service improvement and mandatory training/induction.