National Breastfeeding Week events

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Trust maternity teams are celebrating National Breastfeeding Week with events at James Cook Hospital on 20 June (12pm to 2pm in the Women and Children’s Conference Room) and the Friarage Maternity Centre Hub (2pm to 4pm) on 26 June.

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Mothers, breastfeeding supporters and health professionals are invited to come together and share what works well to support breastfeeding in local communities to help create a more breastfeeding friendly culture.

Paulina Rossi, Specialist Midwife Infant Feeding and Nutrition, said: “Breast milk is full of special ingredients that not only help baby grow but also help protect the baby against infections and certain diseases such as diabetes, ear infections, chest infections and more. Mum’s health also benefits from breastfeeding. It reduces her risk of postnatal depression and of developing diabetes in later life, while also protecting against certain cancers and osteoporosis.

“To breastfeed successfully mums need support from pregnancy to the early weeks and months following birth. You can find out more at your local children’s centre Pregnancy; Birth and Beyond, sessions.

“Our maternity services have worked closely with local authorities to support the NCT Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme. Many shops and restaurants locally are signed up and now welcome any mother to breastfeed her baby without having to ask permission or hide away.”

If you are pregnant and interested in finding out more about our Infant Feeding Workshop call 01642 854880 (10am to 12noon, Monday to Friday) to book a place.

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