Steve backs Men’s Health Week

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Steve Purvis has become a strong advocate for Men’s Health Week, after recovering from a heart attack he had while at a Boro match.

Men’s Health Week is always the week leading up to (and including) Father’s Day and this year it also coincides with two of England’s group stage games in the Euro 2012 competition.

Steve will be watching the games from the comfort of his lounge in Acklam, but says his health scare has turned him from having an ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude to an ambassador in promoting men’s health.

The 59-year-old engineering and maintenance manager with Sembcorp at Wilton, said: “I’ve learned a great deal from this experience about listening to what my body is saying to me. At the Boro game on New Year’s Eve, I was convinced it was just indigestion.

“When the paramedics wired me up to an ECG monitor and told me I was having a heart attack I argued with them as I wasn’t suffering with any chest pains, which I thought was the tell-tale sign, although I was clammy and going hot and cold – another sign that all is not well.

“If I hadn’t have been at the game with my son, I would have gone home earlier and tried to sleep it off, which could have proved fatal. As it was, I was sent by ambulance to The James Cook University Hospital. The medics found a blockage in an artery and within a couple of hours had operated, cleared the blockage and inserted three stents.

“I instantly felt better, but overnight in my hospital bed I felt a reoccurrence of the symptoms. My blood was reacting with the new stents and I went for a second operation. I now have blood-thinning medication and six stents in my body.”

The West-stand season ticket holder added: “The medical staff in the cardiology unit were top class and the support I’ve been given since in cardiothoracic rehabilitation has been fantastic.

“I’d just like to advise anyone else who suffers from symptoms such as indigestion that if you feel that what you’re experiencing is not what you usually feel, get medical attention as soon as you can.”