The James Cook University Hospital becomes the first in the north east to benefit from revolutionary robotic exosope

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Manjunath Prasad and his team with the ORBEYE exoscopeThe James Cook University Hospital is the first hospital in the north east, and the second in the country, to benefit from a revolutionary robotic exoscope which allows neurosurgeons unprecedented 4K-3D views of the brain and spine during surgery.

Unlike a traditional microscope, that requires surgeons to endure hours looking into an eyepiece, the new ORBEYE exoscope gives medical teams the ability to see the finest anatomical structures in deep parts of the brain on a large 3D monitor in real-time.

Manjunath Prasad, clinical director for neurosurgery and consultant neurosurgeon said the new piece of equipment was a leap into the next generation of technology.

“The microscope we had gave just 2D images, but with ORBEYE it displays fantastic images on a 3D screen which makes it better for efficiency of movement and safety during some very critical periods of surgery, thanks to the clarity of the images and movement of the camera head.”

For patients, being operated on by ORBEYE means surgical incisions are potentially smaller, therefore potentially resulting in a shorter stay in hospital, quicker recovery time and lower risk of infection.

Nathan Hooker, National Sales Consultant at Olympus, said “James Cooks investment in ORBEYE is great for the patients of Middlesbrough and really propels the neurosurgery department into a new era of intraoperative imaging. I’m really pleased to see the platform so coveted with the team here and can’t wait to begin”.