Making a pledge to improve patient care

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Trust staff joined hundreds of thousands of people across the country by making a pledge for NHS Change Day.

NHS Change Day stand at James Cook

Now in its second year, NHS Change Day encouraged staff to pledge to do one thing to improve care for patients – no matter how big or small.

Staff made pledges online and at the NHS Change Day Stand in the atrium at James Cook. Many were even posted on the social networking site Twitter.

Here are some of our favourites:

  • Learn where different departments are in the hospital, so when patients ask me in the corridor I can send them in the right direction
  • Listen to patients and explain processes clearly
  • Use my own experiences to provide more compassionate services
  • Smile more
  • Walk down the corridor and speak to my staff rather than sending an email
  • Thank every therapeutic care volunteer for every minute they give to our patients
  • Have a positive attitude towards everything I do
  • Treat everyone with the respect they deserve

Patients were also interested in the NHS Change Day stall, asking questions, taking information away to read and even making pledges themselves such as making sure they attend all their appointments on time.

Last year’s event attracted almost 190,000 pledges, many of which had a direct impact on improving patient care. This year the campaign’s aim was to reach 500,000.

Regional Change Day lead Beverly Wilson said: “Change Day is a chance for local NHS staff to show that they have the power in their hands to make things better for their patients.

“One small act, from smiling more to greeting patients by their first name, can have an amazing effect – and completely change someone’s experience of NHS care.”

More than 396,000 pledges have already been made nationally – staff and patients can make pledges online until 31 March 2014.

Dr Maxine Craig, head of organisation development at the trust said: “Thank you to everyone at South Tees who took the time to make a pledge to help us continue to improve the care we provide to our patients.”