Mel’s back on her bike thanks to cardio colleagues

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When Mel Wagner had her new bike stolen she thought her days of cycling to work were over before they had even started.

Cardio theatres bike presentation

Andrew Craggs from Bike Scene delivers the new bike and high security lock to Mel Wagner and her cardio theatre colleagues at James Cook

But the operating department practitioner was amazed when just 24 hours later her colleagues in cardiothoracic theatres had rallied round to raise £550 to buy her another.

“I had bought it on the bike to work scheme and the first day I rode it to work I locked it up in the bike shed but when I went to go home it was gone,” said Mel. “I didn’t even get to ride it home!

“I wanted to cycle to work to avoid the traffic congestion at The James Cook University Hospital and to get fit, but then this happened. I was gutted.”

Mel’s colleagues were equally disappointed for her, especially as the bike was not insured.

Surgical care practitioner Jon Broughton said: “A conversation was started in theatre by surgeon Simon Kendall and anaesthetist Jim Park on how unfair the whole situation was and this led to everyone pledging to stump up some money to buy Mel a new bike. Within half a day we had nearly all of the £550.

“We contacted Bike Scene in Guisborough to order the replacement bike and after hearing what had happened they threw in an £80 high security lock free of charge.”

Simon added: “Mel is a very popular colleague in the department – she is a single Mum and when she does her fair share of her on call commitment she ends up paying more for childcare than she earns – in our view she was the last person in our department who could afford to have her brand new bike stolen.”

Mel said: “It’s really nice to know that you work with such generous and caring people – I would like to say a big thank you to them all!”