Michelle is awarded ‘Queen’s nurse’ title

Posted on in Community services, Staff

Continence specialist nurse Michelle Payne has been awarded the title of Queen’s nurse reflecting her commitment to high standards of patient care, learning and leadership in community nursing.

The award comes after Michelle, who is based in Northallerton, received £5,000 funding from the Queen’s Nursing Institute last year to launch a project in the Hambleton and Richmondshire area which aimed to:


  • Lower the usage of indwelling catheters
  • Lower the frequently occurrence of catheter-acquired urinary tract infections
  • Increase the quality of life and raise independence and dignity for the incontinent patient
  • Develop a network of expert team members (champions) in district nursing teams to continue to minimise the use of indwelling catheters

QNI chief executive Dr Crystal Oldman said: “Congratulations to Michelle on her success. The Queen’s nurse network is probably the most exciting professional development opportunity for nurses working in primary care, and we look forward to working with her as she brings excellent care to her patients in the community.”

Michelle added: “It was a privilege and an honour to receive the Queen’s nurse title from such a highly recognised institution. All the publicity appears to have raised the profile of my patients and service and I couldn’t be happier with that.”

Michelle received her title at a special awards ceremony attended by over 200 people, including 80 new Queen’s nurses and senior figures in the nursing and healthcare sectors.