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Teesside neurosurgeon Fredrick Nath has completed 25 consecutive Great North Runs, trekked to 6,000m in Nepal, crossed the highest mountain pass in the world, done a 12,000ft tandem parachute jump, and began writing – all in the last 26 years.

Fred, a full-time consultant in neurosurgery at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, lives in the North east of England with his teenage daughter – his three sons having grown up and flown the nest.

Born in Sweden, he was brought up in London and has worked in Liverpool, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow during his training – a long time ago now!

Fred,  who already has five French resistance thrillers in print, has also written four books in the ‘Galdir (Barbarian Warlord)’ series and a four book Roman adventure series set at the end of the Roman republic called ‘Amulet’, has put pen to paper to write another novel. All his books are available in Kindle format and in paperback through Amazon.

Why does he write? Fred said:“To quote John Buchan, I began writing because I love a good story and when I ran out of penny-novels to read I felt I should write my own.”

Book imageEntitled ‘The PROMISE’ the fictional story is set in war-torn France and is about a brutal outsider with a grudge. Jean and Rebecca journey back to France from Brazil when their parents die – desolate.  Rebecca has an on-board romance with an older right-wing Frenchman, Philippe Darnand.

Despite Jean’s reservations, Rebecca marries Philippe but Philippe, who is viciously right-wing, wants to further his career in the Milice. When he discovers Rebecca has a distant Jewish relative, he gives her and her baby up to the Nazis. Now Jean, taught to kill by Special Operation Executive (SOE) and disdaining restrictions set by the French resistance, is compelled to exact his revenge as an outsider.

A ravening grudge bearer, Jean rescues the beautiful Nicole from the Sicherheitspolitzei’s clutches in Bergerac and they travel to Paris – a little stop over to bring his plans to fruition. He returns to England under a cloud but his promise to always protect Rebecca eats away at him and in the end, he risks all to keep that promise in an impossible mission deep into enemy-occupied Poland.

Fred says he got the idea for his first book when he found himself moved by the inscriptions on the war memorial in Bergerac’s town square. “It’s dedicated to the brave French partisans who gave their lives for France during World War 2. I felt before writing the first book that I wanted to explore how it might have felt to be there in those terrible times.

“Each book takes a look at a new character and his or her conflicts in a lousy wartime occupation. The first is a policeman, the second a teacher, the third an artist, the fourth a chef and the fifth a philosopher.

“In The PROMISE, I’ve painted a picture of a medical student. I think fans of The CYCLIST, my first book, which sold 30,000 copies on Amazon, will enjoy it,” he said.”

How does Fred, who has worked as a consultant neurosurgeon in Middlesbrough for 30 years, find time to write? “I get up a bit earlier and go to bed a bit later – sleep makes you unproductive.” He also loves the Dordogne, French wine and a good family get-together.

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