Tree tribute to popular nurse Julie

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Family, friends and colleagues have planted a loving tribute to Middlesbrough nurse Julie Jones.

Carter Bequest Julie Jones

Julie passed away in November 2010 at the age of 51 after losing her battle with breast cancer, but the memory of her bubbly and always positive personality will not be forgotten after her family planted a magnolia tree in the garden of the Carter Bequest Hospital in Middlesbrough.

Julie had worked as a health care assistant at the hospital on Cambridge Road in the town for more than eight years. Her husband Graham said: “Julie was very happy at Carters and was overwhelmed by the friendship and support she received after her diagnosis and was extremely grateful for the love shown by all her work friends during her illness.

“The tree planted in Julie’s name is a wonderful gesture from those friends and I and my family would like to express our heartfelt gratitude as everyone there has been wonderful to Julie and our family through this traumatic period in our lives. Thank you so much all at Carters!”

Jayne Gazi, clinical matron at Carter Bequest, added: “We were all devastated by Julie’s death. She was an outstanding person who was loved by patients and colleagues alike.”

Several weeks ago a team of Julie’s colleagues ran the Race for Life, dressed as fairies with a photo of Julie adorning their outfits. Together the team raised funds for Cancer Research UK and also £450 for the Holistic Cancer Care Centre based at The James Cook University Hospital.

Graham said: “The Holistic Centre became very important to Julie as it gave her so much comfort and support during her illness. It is a wonderful place for those sadly suffering from cancer, to go to get some relief by way of the complementary medicines it provides and all free of charge.

“It is funded totally by charitable donations and has become very close to our hearts through Julie, and we will continue to raise money wherever possible for such a worthwhile cause.”

Deputy manager at the centre, Lynne Gray, said: “It is wonderful that Julie’s family and colleagues have continued with her fabulous work of supporting the Holistic Cancer Care Centre. Julie found great benefit from the treatments she received at the Centre and extolled the complementary therapy services provided at the Centre to anyone that wanted to listen, even whilst awaiting her own treatment she would talk to other patients about the benefits of the treatments available at the Centre.

“We are so very grateful to Julie’s family and her colleagues at Carter Bequest for their support which enables the Centre to continue to help patients through their treatment for cancer.”

In a highly emotional presentation, Julie’s daughter Nicola also gave Jayne Gazi and the staff at Carter Bequest a framed poem that Julie had written about her ‘fantastic colleagues’ in 2008 when she was first diagnosed.

Jayne said “This is a wonderful present and one we will cherish. We’ll find a suitable place to put this where all Julie’s colleagues can read it and appreciate what a wonderful and thoughtful person she was.”