Sleep Helps Healing

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South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has launched a new campaign to help reduce noise levels on its wards at night.

The Sleep Helps Healing campaign urges both staff and patients to dim the lights and keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 11pm and 6am.

Wards at The James Cook University Hospital, Friarage Hospital, Redcar Primary Care Hospital, East Cleveland Primary Care Hospital and the Friary Community Hospital have all signed up to the scheme.

Guidance for staff and patients is now displayed on each ward covering everything from switching mobile phones to silent and being mindful of speaking volume to ensuring bins are closed quietly and call bells are answered promptly.

The move follows feedback from the Trust’s 1,000 Voices patient survey which identified noise at night as the main area that could be improved to help make a patient’s hospital stay more comfortable.

Karen Harwood, Friarage Hospital matron said: “We carefully considered all the patient feedback we received and we hope this new campaign will help encourage everyone to keep noise levels to a minimum after 11pm.

“We are reminding staff to consider everything from answering ward telephones quickly, to wearing soft soled shoes and ensuring all equipment is easily accessible and in good working order.

“Patients can do their bit as well by turning off TVs, radios and mobiles after 11pm or using headphones or switching devices to silent.”

Nicola Herraghty, one of the matrons at The James Cook University Hospital said: “If any patients are struggling to rest or get to sleep we always encourage them to let our nursing staff know as they may be able to help.

“Our patients are often very poorly and in need of a good night’s rest so we want to do as much as we possibly can to create a relaxing environment without any unnecessary disturbances. After all sleep helps healing!”

Guidance for patients (545kb)
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Guidance for staff (547kb)
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