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Welcome to the Care Home Infection Prevention Control resource page.

Infection Prevention is a vital aspect of Care Home management and service delivery. With over 100 care homes across the region there are over 100 different establishments to accommodate the vast variances of rooms, bathrooms and toileting facilities, not forgetting  kitchens , laundry rooms and sluices.

Each Home has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for their residents and staff, it also makes sound business sense to reduce infections and outbreaks promoting reputation and integrity of the establishment.

This resource page is to offer education tools and information resources to help with the application of Infection prevention into the infrastructure of care home care provision.

Priorities change from year to year, 2021 Р2022 is focusing on reducing urinary tract infections  and avoidable admissions to hospital from Care Homes. Work is being conducted to reduce the number of catheters inserted in hospitals therefore bring down the number of patients being discharged into the community with a urinary catheter.

The Better Care Fund initiative is a partnership of various professions all directed to reducing hospital admissions. You may also find other resources from other aspects of the Better Care Fund here as well bringing the resources to a single point of reference.

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