IPC training course

Advancing Infection Prevention and Control in Clinical Practice – IPC Course for Healthcare Staff

Aim of course

Provides a learning environment to further develop IPC knowledge and skills.

Target audience

Healthcare staff with an interest in IPC, an ideal starter course for IPC link workers.

Length of course

Two educational days, followed by a consolidation day to initiate a change project.

Method of delivery

External professional speakers, PowerPoint presentations, interactive workshops, group discussions and visits to the laboratory and laundry departments (COVID-19 restrictions allowing).


Candidates will complete a pre and post course IPC questionnaire, reflective of knowledge prior to course attendance and following course attendance.

Candidates will undertake a self-directed change project to improve IPC practice within their clinical area. This will be presented to the course coordinator and group candidates.


Candidates must be able to attend all three days with support from their manager for attendance and project completion. A tutorial session with an IPC nurse is available on request. On completion, candidates will receive a certificate for their professional portfolio, this will also provide for 7.5 hours nursing revalidation.

Learning outcomes – On completion of the course, candidates will:

  • Have awareness of government legislation, National IPC guidance and fundamental principles of IPC and best practice
  • Understand the principles of managing infection control risks at trust, ward and department level
  • Understand basic microbiology and its application to everyday management of infections within hospital and community settings
  • Appreciate the principles of decontamination and its application to clinical practice
  • Have heightened IPC knowledge to instigate change in clinical practice, thus promoting patient safety and public confidence

For more details:

  • Call 01642 854800 (ext 54800)