Telephone appointment reminders

In order to help reduce missed appointments, South Tees Hospitals has introduced a new appointment reminder service.

This free service allows our patients to receive either an automated voice call on their home phone or receive a text message on their mobile phone.

This service reminds our patients about their appointment a few days before they are due to attend hospital.

These services will allow you to confirm, cancel or re-arrange your appointment.  If you need to cancel or re-arrange your appointment, we will offer the appointment to other patients on the waiting list – this means that we can see you at the earliest opportunity and prevent longer waiting lists.

What is an automated voice message?

An automated voice message is a recorded message sent to your landline phone to remind you of your appointment. These calls will allow you to confirm, cancel or re-arrange the appointment.  The phone calls will come from 01642 690080.

What is a text message?

This is a short message sent to a mobile phone with just enough information to remind you about your appointment. Text messages will come from 07811 052317.

If I don’t receive a message, does that mean my appointment is cancelled?

No. It is not suitable for all clinics and specialties to send appointment reminders in this way, and you will still get a first appointment letter as normal. You may want to check with the department reception desk at your next outpatient appointment.

What if I do not wish to receive reminders?

If you do not wish to receive these messages you just need to give us a call and we can ‘opt’ you out of this service.

How is this service being provided?

We’re working with a company called ERS Connect, who have already provided this service to over 40 other NHS trusts in England for over 12 years.

Is my personal information safe?

All information is handled according to strict information security protocols. The company we’re working with, ERS Connect, has been audited for Advanced NHS Business Partner status, which means all the training processes and policies which are necessary to handle patient information on a routine basis are in place and audited at regular intervals. Text messages will contain the minimum information necessary to remind you of your appointment and no personal identifiable data is ever contained.

What if I cannot come to my appointment?

Repeatedly cancelling appointments may result in you being discharged back to your GP. However, if you are unable to attend, please contact us to rearrange as soon as possible. Telephone numbers for the different appointment teams are listed on the clinic contact details page, or fill out a form online to request a call back.

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