Help with travel costs

If you are receiving benefits you may be entitled to help with travel costs if you are referred for NHS specialist treatment or diagnostic tests.

What is needed?

Travel expense claim form which will be completed by a member staff at the service you have attended. If you are in receipt of any of the benefits listed below please provide original documentation in current year.

Who can get help with travel costs?

Support is usually available for people on the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed pension credit
  • Income support
  • Hc2 certificate
  • NHS tax credit
  • War pension
  • ESA – income related
  • Universal Credit

NB If you are in receipt of Universal Credit (Please ensure you bring the full document including the information that state your take home pay for this Universal Credit period is £….)

How to get help with travel costs

If you receive treatment under the care of a consultant, or through a referral by a doctor or dentist, usually an NHS hospital will give you your refund when you go for treatment and once you have provided the documentation listed above you can claim at the cashiers office. If this is not possible you can complete a HC5(T) refund claim form this is a postal claim process.

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